The Chip for the New Millenium™

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I envision the physical basis of computing to ultimately consist of pluggable computing modules, whether based on the Flexible System Architecture (FSA™) or some other. Users will eventually add processing power as easily as they upgrade memory today.


My personal mission concerning the FSA is to create a new world standard in processing technology. I would like to see it develop into the most widely used microprocessor family. It will accomplish this not by replacing other designs, but by incorporating them, acting as the "Architecture for Architectures™."

A subsidiary mission, not less important but dependent upon accomplishing the first, is to bring the benefits of computer power to those in the world who presently lack them. The playing field can best be leveled by a technology which can expand by modular increments, allowing simple, cost-effective upgrades to the tools that people will require to thrive in a world-wide economy.

Fanatical about Flexibility

I believe the route to attaining such goals is to concentrate on creating the most adaptable solution to computing problems, and this should begin at the lowest possible level for maximum flexibility to be achieved. The FSA fills this bill by being "Object Oriented Hardware™" (OOH™), complementing object oriented software languages like C++ and Java, but operating at the next lower level, offering even more power where needed.

This is an architecture optimized for flexibility and rapid product design. It is aimed at the full spectrum of digital electronics, which is to say I hope it ultimately finds its way into every kind of product in every corner of the world.

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