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Start your day of riding with a healthy, hearty breakfast. We use freerange eggs from our own chickens for your omelets. We only use local farm fresh produce or fruit. You'll always find a Cliff Bar or a Power Bar to go. We have large coolers of Gatorade and water, so fuel up and get going!

Set the table

   SATURDAY breakfast menu:
New York style bagels & cream cheese
large muffins
fruit: bananas grapes apples (fresh in season fruit)
oatmeal/raisins brown sugar
Power bars / Cliff bars (for the ride)
coffee / tea
bottled water / Gatorade
   SUNDAY breakfast menu:
fresh free-range egg omelets (we have our own chickens)
large muffins
fruit: bananas apples grapes (fresh fruit in season)
bagel & cream cheese
Cliff bars / Power bars (for the ride)
coffee / tea
Gatorade / water

What's for breakfast?

The basket of eggs flipping into view above are free range eggs from our very own chickens. If they were any fresher they would cluck! Our omelets are amazing: fresh eggs, cheeses and veggies make the difference.

Night Table
And what about after breakfast? Brooksville has many fine restaurants. Or, you can bring your own camp food and cook it in our outdoor kitchen.

Kitchen Counter

Long table