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After you check in let your stay in the country begin. Prepare for a fantastic visit with rural bike rides originating from our rustic Inn located in relaxed Brooksville. We have hot outside showers and bathrooms (yes, real bathrooms not KYBOs). All rides can be planned ahead of time, or just go out the gate and explore at will. Each ride is fueled by a delicious country style breakfast served buffet style each morning.

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Beginner Rides — these relaxing rides are for the whole family. With these rides everyone can participate and even though they're a little slower paced than the other rides they surely do not lack adventure. The Suncoast Rails to Trails and The Withlacoochee Rails to Trails are fairly level, allowing you to enjoy the tranquil natural Florida outdoors, passing through wooded areas by rivers and lakes.

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Moderate Rides — kick things up a notch. You don't have to be a triathlete to participate in these rides, but you'd better be ready to get the most tranquil work out of your life with a variety of inclines and turns making it exciting with a new challenge around every corner. We are sure we have a moderate ride that meets your group's or family's needs for adventure while getting your heart rate pumping. The great part about being outside in these beautiful areas of nature is that it will make you forget about how tired you really are until you are finished!

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Advanced Rides — are only for experienced riders. These can be considered dangerous due to the Florida landscape and the heat factor. They are generally better in the Winter months, but can be arranged in Summer for willing riders. These rides offer rolling hills with steep climbs, fast drops and sharp turns requiring experience and control to negotiate. You'll need to be in great shape and know what you're getting yourself into for these rides.

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Extreme Rides — Offroad bicycle trails are dry to damp all weather trails that wind through Central Florida's longleaf pines and scrub oak hills, live oak thickets and hardwood hammocks. Past creek bottoms and cypress ponds. Of particular interest are area's ravines, quarries, and abandoned rock mines. wildlife found in this area include deer, quail, gray squirrel and bobcats. If you're looking for exciting offroad biking, come to Trails Inn.

Please obey all traffic laws.
Bring a helmet for everyone!