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Tesla coils and their support equipment are extremely dangerous. There are many known and unknown dangers associated with this type of equipment. "Some" of the known dangers are as follows:

High Voltages and Currents, Burns, Long Distance Arcing, Strong Electromagnetic Fields, Ozone, Ultraviolet Light, X-rays, Fire, Explosions, Radio Frequency Interference and Electronic Equipment Damage.

In addition, photographs showing people standing under a shower of sparks are either faked or done under very special circumstances. Tesla's own notes reveal that the famous picture of him sitting under one of his operating coils was a double exposure.

Get the complete safety story at Terry Fritz's site: http://hot-streamer.com/TeslaCoils/Safety/safety.htm


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Coil #3 — 550 Watts

Coil built by Dennis from Hopkington, Mass.

My twin brother Bernie also constructs coils ...

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