Dennis' Tesla Coil

Coil built by Dennis from Hopkington, Mass.

Power supply:
     15/60 Franceformer NST
     Maxwell pulse capacitor - 0.03uF / 35,000VDC
     4" OD acrylic tube / 990 turns of #24 wire
     flat wound 1/4" Cu tubing - 1/4" spacing between turns - 9" ID
Spark Gap:
     10 Cu pipes 3/4" diameter - spaced 0.03 - inside 4" PVP pipe - cooled by small table top fan - air funneled into & between the pipes - current setting = 6 gaps / 0.18 total gap width
Topload ... 2 aluminum flexduct toroids:
     24.5"x6" (top) & 20.5"x6" (bottom) - toroids separated by 12" PVC - Cu strap connecting the 2 toroids
     RF, NST case, safety gap, strike rail to common ground wire to 1/2"x4 ft Cu pipe driven into the ground
Mains filter:
     2 Cornell Dublier 20 line filters - one forward, one reversed - between variac & coil
     20 amp - 0 to 130VAC
     4 CDE motor run caps 3ach rated 220-250VAC & 124-149uF - pairs wired in parallel, then pairs connected in series.

Delivers frequent strikes to grounded Cu pipe @ 39 1/2 inches away
Occasionally hits a point in the ceiling measured at 41 1/2 inches straight-line distance

Making a good streamer

"My sincere thanks to Brian Foley for all his guidance and help in getting my coil to a whole new level of performance. He's been a terrific source of Tesla coil knowledge for me and very patient with my limited knowledge. Thank you Brian" - Dennis


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