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I have a varied engineering background divided between software and hardware. I've programmed in various languages and designed circuitry with different logic families. I can prototype in C quickly and I have a facility for low level development.

I was called the "most cost-effective programmer" by one supervisor (GTX, below). This was because I was willing to work cheap - as long as I was learning new things - and also because I was willing to work part time when economies so demanded.

Languages: C, SQL, Clarion, Java, HTML, Visual C++, FORTRAN, Pascal, FORTH, and various assembly languages.

Logic: CMOS, TTL, ECL, from gates through systems.

Selected Projects: the 29110, a 12-bit microprogram sequencer, the "polyfuzz footswitch," a smart musical instrument effects controller, and "whales and plankton," an ecological simulation incorporating genetic algorithms.


TRAILS INN, Brooksville, FL         June - July, 2009

Developed a website for a Bed & Breakfast, Pages included elements of HTML, css, php and javascript. Site creation involved quite a bit of photo manipulation (Paintshop Pro, Animation Shop), including rotating, resizing, cropping, replacing color, adding text, and animating GIFs. The site has a somewhat rustic, homespun look by request of the client. For me, working with clients has always been the most enjoyable part of developing websites. It is their dream and vision, after all.

GENERAL APPLICATION PROCESSING, Brooksville, FL         March - May, 2009

Developed a Forth interpreter/compiler for the Flexible System Architecture (see below). Was able to apply the multiprocessing capability to spread out the various stacks, I/O, dictionary, and address interpreter into a fast, efficient system. Gained much respect for the early Forth pioneers who did their development on single micros with only one memory space and a very limited supply of scratch registers.
For more on this project, see below under the same company name.

CONSULTANT to PLANETWARE, Brooksville, FL         2007 - 2008

Learned two new languages, SQL and Clarion. Using Microsoft Transact-SQL, I wrote stored procedures to initialize and update pricing information within a database, then to develop quote information from that database. In Clarion I rewrote and completed a stand-alone employee timer application.

SELF-EMPLOYED CONSULTANT, Brooksville, FL         Autumn, 2004

Reviewed code for a client's application written in Visual C++ using Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC). Debugged compiling and linking. Made recommendations concerning the code in general and timing problems in particular.

PERSONAL PROJECT, Brooksville, FL         March, 2004

After a move of 1500 miles, I found myself with a computer, but no printer. However, my aunt did have an old Brother word processor which came with a floppy drive. After fooling with it a bit, I realized its operating system was a stripped down MS-DOS. "Ah, I can read its floppies!" So I created some test files on the Brother and then looked at them on the PC with various binary view/edit programs, some of which were my own creation. I figured out the format for the Brother file header, and wrote a program that converts simple .TXT files to the Brother format: Voila, a printer.

SELF-EMPLOYED WEB CONSULTANT, Troy, NH         1998 - Present

Have developed four complete Websites from scratch. They are:,,, and (the last two have since passed on to new webmasters). Besides basic HTML constructs, all three contain Java applets I have created, and one contained forms that communicated with a C language server-side CGI program I wrote.


Working part time (through 1994), I created a general purpose computer architecture, consisting of a unique intermix of assembly language and microcode. This design is flexible enough to act as a parallel processing element, stand-alone microprocessor / microcontroller, or as a platform for System-on-Chip (SOC), ASIC, and embedded development. In a related effort, I began a C language simulator / development system for it. I also wrote and submitted four SBIR grant proposals covering the work. During these years, I supported myself as a gardener, painter, shift manager in a bakery, and by working with the developmentally disabled. Converting to full time in 1995, I completed an alpha version of the simulator. This implements a Graphical User Interface, written from scratch rather than built around a commercial windowing system. Besides custom display features peculiar to the architecture (including a specialized layout manager), the GUI supports keyboard input, multiple scroll windows, mouse tracking, and pop-ups. I then developed native machine language test and demonstration routines to run under the simulation. I ported the simulation to both Windows and Linux through use of the Simple DirectMedia Layer system. The most recent work has involved refining the instruction set and simulating low level timing issues. On the non-technical side, I wrote an executive summary and other descriptive documents, began a draft of a business plan, and started to approach the capital markets and possible development partners. In spring of 1998, I filed a provisional patent application with the US PTO, which I renewed in August 1999. Overall, I have gained experience and insight relating to project management and business development.

GTX CORPORATION, Phoenix, AZ         1986 - 1989

Was Software Engineer in the C language for the Character Recognition Group. Assisted in the development of algorithms for machine recognition of handwritten letters, and wrote utilities to aid in collecting data samples. Handled the porting of routines from Sun UNIX workstations, through an intermediate compiler creating embedded code, to the target platform, a parallel processor using Motorola 68020s. When necessary, I would debug the compiled C code using an in-circuit emulator (ICE). In other assignments, I gained experience with the Sun graphics and windowing packages, with EGA graphics on the IBM PC-AT, and with installing and modifying device drivers on both systems. Finally, I was the system administrator for their UNIX network.

TEACHING, California and Nevada         1985 - 1986

Accepted various teaching commissions, including: MS-DOS instructor at a computer store, Apple aide at an elementary school, and teaching a Survey of Data Processing at a junior college.

TECHNICAL WRITING: In-house manuals for various companies.


AA Degree: Cum Laude, Computer Technology, at Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA. Courses taken as electives: Accounting, Statistics, Calculus

Misc. college courses: Introduction to Semiconductor Processing, Intro to Pascal, Advertising, Marketing, Physical Science.

USENIX Conf. 1987: One-day seminar: Special Topics in C.


Former Board Member: Industrial Development Authority, Troy, NH

Member: American MENSA

Chosen by LACC Computer Department Faculty to receive a Kodak Corporation scholarship

Resume Updated: July, 2009

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