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The next link continues the Market Overview.

The first part outlined a reasonable, albeit ambitious strategy to developing FSA based products in general, and home computer products in particular.

The second part is more "blue sky." Up to this point in time, the development of truly general purpose parallel processing has not been very successful. Yes, there are many practical instances of special purpose parallel processing applied to specific problems, particularly in science & engineering. And there is the loosely coupled parallel processing in home computing, where add-in boards and printers have their own powerful processors contained in them, doing their own things more or less independently of the CPU (Central Processing Unit) sitting on the motherboard.

So, much of what is written in the next link is speculative - hopeful that eventual breakthroughs in theory and design will occur. When such do finally happen, the Flexible System Architecture will be particularly well positioned to take advantage, due to its very fine-grained parallelism.

Yet even today, the FSA will make a great, maybe the best possible, "glue" for connecting and operating different systems together efficiently.