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The next link jumps to the Executive Summary - the most concise and information-packed document on this marketing tour. Some highlights:

Many applications are listed under the Specific Applications heading; one of the most intriguing is a likely fruitful link to the popular Java programming language.

Under Sales and Company Growth are multiple descriptions of generalized product and service lines that the FSA development effort can eventually evolve into.

Size of Market; Growth of Market Potential focuses mainly on one area, the huge $12 billion market for microcontrollers, but don't lose sight of other possibilities. One quote from the section worth repeating:

"Being a `do-anything' design, the Flexible System Architecture™ can be applied across the whole spectrum of digital technology; its potential market growth IS the market growth of computer technology in general."

There's a sizable list of superior features in Competitive Advantages. Everybody claims something similar, of course; I can only assure the reader that nothing made this list that was not thoughtfully cross-referenced to specific design features of the architecture.