CNC Upgrade Preparation — February 2006

Here is the new power supply for a 4aupc board. The power supply was a 24 volt 6 amp regulated supply. I have removed the regulator and have 36 volts at about 6 amps which should be able to handle 3 pieces of 3 amp stepper motors.

Here is a picture doing some "motorspinning" using the computer from the present cnc machine. The new computers are Tyan 1854s with socket 370 P3-1000 cpu's and 133 mhz front side buss ram. This combination of computer seems very stable.

Here is a picture of the new fourth axis. Now I need to find a chuck!

Here is another Dahlgren engraver base, saved from the scrap heap. This is the same base as my first machine (see CNC machine #1, below). I just cleaned and loaded a pair of stepper motors today.

Just a little more motorspinning and I have found a bad stepper motor. Axis on this machine will be 5.5 inches for X axis and also 5.5 inches for Y axis. Now I must build something for Z axis!

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