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Oh no! Another CNC project! — February 2007

April 2006 — I rebuilt the #1 CNC machine with Hobbycnc 4aupc board and bigger steppers

Development of new CNC machine, February 2006

CNC machine #2,
5 by 12 table
CNC machine #1, November 2001

SERVO Motors: I have had these motors hanging around for a long time. They are mostly 9000 series Pittman.

Here are some of my favorite links:

John C. Kleinbauer's Site - Great CNC projects of simple construction:

Dave's Hobbycnc - Great CNC Drives at great prices. See the NEW Hobbycnc PRO drives in stock:

Mach3, Lazy Cam Pro, Quantum:

Software Tools:

QuickStep - Software and Pacer for slow computers:

SimpleCNC - Program to make G-code:

Paul Jones - CNC on a budget:

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